A little about me

I am a writer who shies away from romance. Know this up front. You are welcome to see a romance in any of my stories, but chances are what you are seeing is unintentional. Feel feel to expand on it and show me what you see.

I am an introvert. My best form of communication is written. I cannot articulate effectively in conversation. I will however spend forever on my computer because it separates me from the rest of the physical world around me.

I try to be an artist, I really do, but I am the worst kind of perfectionist in existence. I am an impatient one. So if something doesn't go the way I want it to the first or second time, I usually say "Fuck it" and move on to something else.

I think my brain processes information a little faster than other people's brains. As a result, I can get a little frustrated when someone isn't on the same level. I probably wouldn't say anything about it, but in person it can probably be seen/heard in exasperated sighs and impatient fidgeting.

I am a pushover. I am the person assigned to book research on group projects, who provided 95% of the information and did 75% of the talking because no one else put in the effort to know anything. You could convince me to do almost anything if you made me think it is the polite thing to do.

I think I would make a terrifying supervillain because I know how to manipulate most of the rules. I could break them all and get away with it.